You’re smiling at wordless whispers
remembering stolen glances and impassive kisses
when you were broken and broke
dancing with anyone who’d take you home

You’re recoiling the next moment
watch that smile turn into disgust
projecting your thoughts onto
a world of illusions and dreams

You’re wishing for a calamity
the brooding drumbeat tells you
a loneliness so bad
that it bleeds into the surrounding walls

You’re imploring a memory
of a warm afternoon when you made a promise
to never leave the sanctuary of a certain love
you’re still at the beck and call of the absent lover

You’re drowning in an ocean of self pity
walking like a zombie to your own funeral
You will never understand
that it was never about you

You’re neither loved nor hated
all that you had
and all that you will ever have
is indifference.