Your long fingers gliding on the piano
in an ethereal ballad of lament
your gravelly voice
forging sounds of inexplicable allure

The crack in your parched lips
in my mind I let a finger trace
an untold number of tales I’ve conjured
to hide behind your thousand yard stare

You are the epitome of inspiration
for all the words that I write
my only redemption
is the hope that you’d notice some day

Every faltering step that I take
every grave mistake that I make
it’s all for your sake
and yet I wonder, love

This life that I lead and the air that I breathe
you unwittingly bequeathed me
I’m eternally in your debt
and yet I wonder, love

Who are you?
my master and my muse
was I better off before you salvaged me?
was I better off dead?

Song in my head: Glass Arm Shattering by Porcupine Tree