I dream of you dearest friend
I dream of the day this illusion would end
I dream of when I’d meet you at last
Our moment of reckoning descending on us fast

A myriad of thoughts pass through my mind
As I attempt to conjecture what we might find
Bereft of veils to hide behind and pretend I’m whole
Exposing both fragile body and soul

Would your loving heart be so freeing?
Would your embrace melt my entire being?
Would your smile break the tension of tears held at bay?
Would you flinch at the intensity of what I feel or say?

Hopes and ideals we’ve projected on to each other
Are our dreams better off away from reality rather
This chronically dejected state of mine
Would you be bored of in no time?

Uncertainties and crippling fears abound
But of one thing I am sound
Not seven seas, elven kingdoms or all the world’s gold
Would I trade for a day with you when my thoughts turn cold.

Dedicated to the crazy “internet family”.