We are a coincidence
In a strange world of improbables
Like strands of gossamer
Floating around in a haunted attic
So unique, so distinctive
Yet so inexplicably similar
That it makes it hard to believe
A sentient creator didn’t premeditate this story.

Tramping alone on unforgiving trails
Our paths crossed at the foot of a waterfall
Tumbling down a towering granite mountain
Our eyes locked from opposite sides
Of a rainbow that was left behind
In the wake of the spray from the falls
There ain’t a grander view in the whole wide world.

The tingling evidence of our very existence
Plucks invisible strings
At the depths of our hearts
Stirring buried instincts
Lifting us out of the shadows
And soaring to the stars
On wings we grew on our own
Turning into better selves worthy of the other.

You and I
We are a stunning coincidence
Far beyond our wildest dreams.