Who am I?

I’m a hater of the who am I question. Hater of self descriptions and labels. Hater of many things in the world. War, apathy, hypocrisy, callousness, dishonesty, religious zealots who interfere in law making, intolerance, insensitivity, noisy people who think that depression can be cured by love, the stigma against mental illness, middle class people who hate the homeless, my own attitude of wanting to change the world but not doing anything about it.. But hater doesn’t fit me as a label, no more than lover does.

So, what do I love? Music. For music is the greatest art form that exists, and the best songs are the ones that make you feel something. I was paraphrasing my favourite musician there. That’s another thing I love. Taking to heart the thoughts of people I admire and quoting them in, at times, inappropriate proportions.

I also love books. Losing myself in exotic stories amid wise, humorous characters is my favourite pastime. In case you are wondering, I do have a Goodreads profile.

I love mountains, rocky coastlines, sunset, walking in moonlit beaches, star gazing on moonless nights, driving on mountains, rainy days, fog, bridges and the days when my dog likes me. I love the feeling of loving, much like I gain my strength from the notion of being strong.

So, I hate some things and love other things. Sometimes they end up being the same things for I am often conflicted. What a person likes and dislikes says a lot about their nature. But of course, it would be impudent to think a person can be summed up by their likes and dislikes on a given day. I said already, this was a bad question to begin with.

I bet that’s more than what you wanted to know “about me”. That’s another part of who I am. Going on long rants that focus too much on the details after I get past the “I don’t want to address this question” phase.


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